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Súlur Mountain

The mountain Súlur is the "town-mountain" of Akureyri, rising above the town in south-west. There is a popular hiking trail up to the peaks. The walk/hike takes about 5-6 hours forth and back. The starting point is from a parking lot in the valley Glerárdalur.

The peaks are two; the highest one reaching about 1213 meters. The peaks are mainly made of light rhyolite (liparit) which is a volcanic material, created during volcanic eruptions around 8-9 million years ago.

To get there by bus: Take bus number 1, 2, 5 or 6, and go out by The Red cross. From there, walk to the intersection of Þinvallarstræti and Súluvegur and turn left. Then turn right up Miðhúsavegur and walk the road up to the parking lot to where the trail starts (go past the stables and further up). It´s about 3-4 km walk to the parking lot. To start the trail you have to go over a fance and then you know you are on the right way. The trail is marked. 

Further info

Road Description:
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65.653451, -18.172670 (65° 39.207'N, 18° 10.360'W)

Road name: Súluvegur

Distance from town Centre:
5.5 km