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Adventure Garden

Oddeyrargata 17
600 Akureyri

It is every man's dream to create and share with others. With that in mind, Hreinn Halldórsson has over the last few years created various fairy tailes sculptures that are locate in the garden next to his home. Hreinn has felt increasing interest from locals and visitors to view his work, and summer 2022 he decided to open his garden to the public.
The opening went well and all the visitors were exemplary. He has therefore decided to repeat the opening this summer as well.

The garden is called the Adventure Garden and is
Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 (summer 2023)
Admission is free and photo shoots allowed.

For most of the sculptures there is a short text both in Icelandic and English with the name of the work and what adventure it is taken from.

The park is a private gallery, living in the open air. There, the ceiling height is endless, and the lighting is ever-changing.

There are not many galleries in Iceland where you can expect rain or even snow and wind when walking around the gallery and looking at the art pieces. Most of the time, however, there is a sparkling sun, calm and comfortable outdoor temperature, as Akureyri is known for! Most of the sculptures can be traced back to Icelandic literature and fairy tales, but in recent years Hreins mind and art have turned to classic adventures that are memorable to him from his childhood.
This summer, five nice ladies have been added in national clothing. The sisters from Stapa, they call themselves but according to Hreins information there were only three of them, but with him there are five! They look rather fancy and plan to stay in the greenhouse for the summer, but they are always happy to chat with guests.