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Old buildings: Aðalstræti 14

Aðalstræti 14 or the old hospital was built in 1835 and is therefore the second oldest building still standing in Akureyri. The building is considered the first two-elevator residential building in Iceland.

For the first 40 years, the building was a residential building, but in 1873 the merchant Friðrik Gudmann donated the building to the town as an hospital. It was the first hospital in Akureyri and since then the building has been dedicated to his memory and named Gudmanns Minde.

Hospital rooms were on the upper floor of the southern part. In the north end there was a morgue and washhouse, as well as a public bathhouse, probably the first of its kind in Akureyri.

In 1898 a new hospital was opened in town and the old hospital became a residential building again. The building now houses the anti-sexual and domestic violence organization Aflið.