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House of Shark-Jörundur

This is the oldest house in Hrísey island. In the building one can find exhibitions related to the history of the island and its inhabitants as well as about the shark fishing history.
The house was built during 1885-86 by Jörundur Jónsson, or Shark-Jörundur (icelandic: Hákarla-Jörundur). It was made from timber gained from norwegian ships that strandet by Hrísey on 11. September 1884.  The house has been renovated and but into its original look. It is open to visitors daily during 1st June - 31st August and upon request at other times. Phone (+354) 695-0077 or email: hrisey@hrisey.net

For information about the house view the information board here

House of Shark-Jörundur
Norðurvegur 19
Phone: (+354) 695-0077
Email: hrisey@hrisey.net