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Food and Drinks for every taste!

Dining in Akureyri is a culinary celebration where the chefs have the advantage of cooking with pure and natural Icelandic ingredients. Vegetables are grown organically in greenhouses or in the pure nature and meat and dairy products are free of additives and growth hormones. Seafood is freshly caught daily from pollution-free waters around the coast. In a town with only 19.000 inhabitants (2021) you have a amazing variation of restaurants with international influences and local product.

During the day, Akureyri may seem to be a peaceful town, but if you thirst for night life, you are in the right place. The liveliest evenings are on Friday and Saturday when the town center vibrates with life and dancing at its hot spots. Each place has its unique features, and all age groups should find something to their liking. The people of Akureyri know how to have fun, whether in the glow of the midnight sun or during the depth of winter, they receive the town's guests with open arms.

For list of restaurants, capacity of seating and number of halls, see list of restaurants.