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Greifinn Restaurant

Glerárgata 20
IS-600 Akureyri
Phone: (+354) 460 1600
E-mail: greifinn@greifinn.is
Website: www.greifinn.is   
Facebook: @greifinnveitingahus

The aim of the Greifinn Restaurant is to provide a varied menu where everyone can find a meal to his or her liking and to follow the American idea that service should be both fast and good. However, the need for a varied menu makes the service in this restaurant a little less Americanised. The menu offers pizzas, steaks, fish, pasta and tex-mex dishes besides a variety of starters and desserts. There is also a wide choice of good wines chosen by the chef.

Greifinn is a family restaurant of the best kind and much time and energy is put into providing good service for as wide a range of client as possible. The good name of the company is known to all those satisfied customers who have visited Greifinn time and again over the years.

Further info

E-mail: greifinn@greifinn.is
Website: www.greifinn.is