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Hiking Week (June)

Each summer, a hiking week is organized by the local Touring Club. The first hike took place yesterday, and others will follow in the coming days. For more details, visit the Touring Club's webpage at www.ffa.is. There, you will also find a wide selection of scheduled day tours and hiking tours offered by the Akureyri Touring Club.

Hiking week 2024 will take place 18th - 22nd june 

Program 2024

* 19th June Solstice walk in Hrísey
Departure at 18:30 in private cars from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Tour guide: Jóhannes Áslaugsson and Marína Sigurgeirsdóttir.
Drive out to Árskógssand, from where the ferry leaves at 19.30. Walk south and east through the village with local guides. Then we head north on a hiking trail east of the island north to Borgabrík, from there back into the village. Good view over Látraströnd and into Eyjafjörður. Lunch stop; place depends on the weather.The ferry back at 23.00
Price: According to the tariff for the ferry.

* 20th June Up with Hrappsstaðará
Departure at 19 in private cars from FFA office, Strandgatu 23.
Guide: Jóhanna Ásmundsdóttir
We walk up Hrappsstaðar along a gorge often called Kífsárgil. A comfortable walk up the gorge where waterfalls and rapids delight the eye. It is good to sit down on the way, have a snack and enjoy the view. The march will be as long and as high as people want. Good to wear good walking shoes and with walking sticks.
Total distance 4-5 km. Elevation: 200 - 300 m.
Price: 2,000/3,500. Included: Tour guide.
This trip is paid upon departure.

* 21st June Draflastaðar mountain
Departure at 19 by private car from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Tour guide: Herdís Zophoníasdóttir
The walk beginns from the parkinglot at the top of Víkurskarði mountain pass, from there the hike goes up the mountain and then along the mountain to the Draflastaðir mountain.
Walking terrain: Vegetation, off-trail walking. Same route back.
Distance in total 5-8 km.
Hiking elevation of about 400 m.
Price: 2,000/3,500.
Included: Tour guide.This tour is paid upon departure.

* 22nd June Solstice walk on Múlakolla
Departure at 20 in private cars from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Guide: Bernard Gerritsma and Bóthildur Sveinsdóttir
Walk up to Múlakolla from the old Múlavegin, up the valley north of Brimnesár. There is a magnificent view from the top of the hill. Same route back.
Distance 8 km.
Walking height 930 m.
Price: 2,500/4,000.
Included: Tour guide.
This tour is paid upon departure.


The details of the week each year is published on the Akureyri Touring clubs web page.