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Hrafnagil path

A paved path between Akureyri and the village of Hrafnagil invites to a easy walk on a flat ground. 
The path is about 9 km long (one way), but can easily be shortened by just doing a part of it.
It is a popular path for people in all ages to walk, cycle and even cross country ski during winter.

The path connected with the coastal path from Akureyri center - the "Drottningarbrautarstígur", which begins by the Cultural and Conference house Hof and ends by the southern end of the airport area, by the parking at the end of the airport fence. The Hrafnagil path starts by the parking and continues into the valley (south-ward) on the right-side of the main road nr. 821 "Eyjafjarðarbraut vestri".

Distance: 9 km (one way)
Interesting sights: Kjarnaskógur - woodland, the hot water pipe between Laugaland and Akureyri, Kristnes hospital with recreation area and woodlands, Hælið - the great white plague center (exhibition and café), the Christmas Garden and Hrafnagil village (school, campsite and geothermal pool).
Starting point: Parking at the south end of the airport area.

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Map and photos of the path.
Further info

Distance: 18Km / 11.1miles (start to finish)

Total time: 3-4hours

Start/End point: Airport

Terrain: Asphalt

Parking: Airport

Interesting sights: Kjarnaskógur forest, Kristnes hospital, the Christmas house, Hrafnagil school and swimming pool