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Fálkafell is a hut belonging to the local scout group Klakkur, with a 30-40 min steep hike from the start of the path, with great views of the town and a good way to exercise with the whole family. 

The well traced path starts, non-marked, from what we call "hitaveituskúrar", a hot water well on Súluvegur, half way into the road to the start of the hike to Súlur mountain.

The route on Wikiloc and on Google Earth

Map of the route & more photos 

Further info

Distance: 2.8Km / 1.7miles

Total time: 30-45min

Start/End point: District heating hut

Terrain: Gravel

Parking: District heating hut

Interesting sights: Fantastic view over the town, cairn and the scout hut