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Old Plant Nursery

The walk starts by the skating rink, from there cross the road Miðhúsabraut and walk up-hill along the street. At the first curve, cross the street and walk towards south along the hot water pipeline. On this road you have the old tree nursery and the towns vegetable gardens on the left. Continue along this road all the way to where another road crosses it and you see an old tractor, there you turn left and continue down to the main road. Cross the main road (be careful as there is not a pedestrian crossing at this point).

Follow the path towards town for some minutes or until you see the Motorbike museum, then you cross the main street again (be careful as there is not a pedestrian crossing here) walk towards the Old Plant Nursery (an old 3 storage wooden building) by the forest. Turn right just as you have passed the Motorbike museum, and continue the road pass the Industry Museum towards town and along a path by a pond which leads back to the starting point by the Skating rink. 
A nice small detour is to have a walk along the paths within this small forest by the Old Plant Nursery and of cause visit the two museums along the route i.e. Industry Museum and Motorbike Museum. 

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Further info

Distance: 2.5Km / 1.55miles

Total time: 30min

Start/End point: The Ice skating rink

Terrain: 70% asphalt 30% gravel

Parking: The Ice skating rink 

Interesting sights: The old plant Nursery, Akureyri town vegetable gardens, hot-water pipeline,  Industry Museum, Motorbike Museum