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Glerá river - lower part

A scenic walk along the lower part of the river Glerá which flows through Akureyri. The route is mostly along the river and its canyon, passing the old power plant, crossing the red pedestrian bridge over the dam by the reservoir. The route continues close to the university, where you also can make a small detour and visit the art piece "Iceland's bell", before crossing the river Glerá again and entering a small forestry area beside the river. 

When entering out of the forestry area - take the pedestrian crossing over the street and follow the path into the residential area of Giljahverfi, pass the neighborhood children school and kindergarten before turning right and returning to the route you came just above the river Glerá.  After crossing the red bridge turn right along a path by the river and take the stairs down into the canyon where the power plant is and re-enter the same route as you came just a bit further down the river. 

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Further info

Distance: 5.4Km / 3.35miles

Total time: 60min

Start/End point: Glerártorg mall

Terrain: Asphalt/Gravel

Parking: Glerártorg mall

Interesting sights: Old power plant, reservoir, the red bridge, university of Akureyri, the Iceland's bell, the residential area of Giljahverfi with housing and schools.