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The estuary of Eyjafjarðará river and the old road

Hiking- and biking route along the eatuary of the river Eyjarfjarðará and along the old road.

The tour starst and ends by Hof but one can choose shorter options e.g. it is popular just to part at the south-west end of the airport area by road 821 and walk the gravelroad across the old bridges. A route used by walkers, bikers and riders.

If the whole circle is taken then the route goes along the coast along the so called Strandstígur trail, across the road Leiruvegur along main road 1. Shortly before arriving to the Forest Spa take a turn into the road 829, follow it for a while to take the first road left and from it onto the old gravelroad under a lush hill covered in bushes and trees, with ponds and a small waterfall on the way. From the old road continue along a small trail along a fench to its end, to then bend onto the old main road with the old bridges crossing the estuary.  On this gravelroad you cross two of three old bridges and one new one, which was built when the airport area was increased. 

On this route one can make a detour to a birdwatching house further down along the river. The trail goes along overgrown trail along the bank of the river. A signpoast is at the beginning of the trail. 

At the end of the old road one arrives at a parking by the south west end of the airport area. There take a turn to right and follow the hiking-biking trail towards the town, passing the Aviation Museum and the Airport terminal, before arriving back to Hof.

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Further info

Distance: 16 km / 10 miles

Total time: 3-4 hrs

Start/End point: Hof Cultural and Conference house

Terrain: Paved and Gravel roads/tracks, mud tracks (moore on detour)

Parking: Hof Cultural and Conference house

Interesting sights: Scenery by the Coast path and Leirur road, old roads and bridges, birdwatching house, river Eyjafjarðará and the estuary, Aviation museum.