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Historical Path

The trail takes you through the historical old town of Akureyri, with its colorful and historic buildings. The birthplace of Akureyri, this area is characterised by the steep slopes and stunning views it has to offer.

Start your walk at Ráðhústorg square. The name translates to Town Hall Square, although the town hall that was planned was never actually built! Walk south, through the centre of town, into the oldest part of Akureyri, with its vividly coloured houses. Walking along Hafnarstræti, you will pass historic buildings.

such as the Akureyri theatre, built in 1906, and Sigurhæðir, the former home of poet Matthías Jochumsson (who wrote the national anthem).

You will also come across Akureyri most famous ice cream shop, Brynja. When you get to Akureyri Museum, stop to admire the childhood home of Nonni, a popular author of children's books, and a 19th-century church.

When you pass the museum, turn right and head up the hill. As you walk towards the centre on your way back towards the Ráðhústorg square, you'll walk past the Akureyri park and school. Alternatively, walk towards the sea and take the coastal route back. You'll cross the new Rendezvous Bridge, perfect for a selfie with a view!

For more information have a look at our historical Information boards.

(Text from "Akureyri & The North Guide")