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Golf course circle

The walks starts from the car park by Ljómatún street, along a footpath up the hill towards Naustaborgir recreational area. At the top of the hill, there is a good view north towards the mouth of the fjord and Mt. Kaldbakur and to Mt. Súlur in the south. From this point you turn right along the track down to the golf course area along a gravel path that runs around the course.

The route passes Jaðar, the golf club's clubhouse, and continues north along greens, streams and a field of trees until you reach a tunnel under the street Miðhúsabraut, where you pass through. At the next intersection of the footpath, keep to the right, walk through a residential area and past a hill called Jólasveinabrekkan (santa claus hill), where it is popular to slide on sleds in the winter and you can play in a monkey swing in the summer.

Continue along the footpath straight forward until you reach the roundabout. Turn right on the roundabout and cross the street Miðhúsabraut again, cross the junction to the grocery store Bónus and walk south, along Kjarnagata street. Walk over the junction to the Jaðar golf course and after a short walk along the sidewalk, turn right onto the footpath that appears just before reaching the blocks. Follow that path until you return to the car park by Ljómatún, where the ring is completed.

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Further info

Distance: 3.8Km / 2.3miles

Total time: 45min

Start/End point: Ljómatún street

Terrain: Asphalt/gravel

Parking: Ljómatún street

Interesting sights: Golf course, Naustaborgir overlook