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Kjarnaskógur is a woodland area south of Akureyri and one of the most popular recreation area in town.  The area is about 800 hectares. In 1950 there were no trees in the area at all but since then over 15 million trees have been planted, creating great shelter and condition for outdoor activities.

In the area one can find: 
* Playgrounds
* Volleyball Courts (both grass and sand) 
* Covered barbecue facilities (fitting both individuals and groups)
* Pick-nick tables
* Toilets and water-wells
* The largest organized cross country area in woodlands in Iceland with about 20 km pre-paired tracks. Of which 6 km are illuminated. Information of when the tracks were groomed, colors on the map tell how long time since the last grooming: green, orange and pink ranging from  some hours up to 48 hrs, while light blue, dark blue and grey are from 2 days to over 14 days or more).
* During winter - dedicated areas for sledging are found in two places, by the sun-clock and by the sculpture of Einar.
* Mountain bike trail 
* About 12 km of gravel tracks, of which 6 km are illuminated in addition to several other tracks and trails. For map of hiking trails go further down.
* 4 car parks

The area is owned by Akureyri Municipality but taken care of by the local Forestry Association "Skógræktarfélag Eyfirðinga".

Skógræktarfélag Eyfirðinga
Email: ingi@kjarnaskogur.is
Webpage: www.skog.is/skograektarfelag-eyfirdinga/
Phone: (+354) 4624047

Maps of the Area:
Kjarnaskógur - Overview of easy tracks
Kjarnaskógur - Big overview of all trails and tracks 
Cross - Country trails