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Súluvegur - Fálkafell hut - Gamli hut - Kjarnaskógur forest

An impressive and scenic trail above the cliffs connecting the Kjarnaskógur woods to the Glerárdalur valley, with a stop by two scout huts Fálkafell and Gamli..

From Kjarnaskógur woods:
There are several options to begin the hike in the woodland Kjarnaskógur. The most common is the one that goes up the hill by the "church-stone"/ Kirkjustein. On the top of the hill - follow the path to the right, along cliffs and through a woodland area up to the "old" skate hut called Gamli. Another option is to go towards Naustaborgir along a trail above Hamrar Campsite, then turn up a small trail up a hill and through the forest and then ending up by Gamli hut.
From Gamli hut an additional hike can be made to the stone formation called "Steinmenn".

From Gamli the trail continues along the cliff edges to the north - northwest, to a nother mountain hut called "Fálkafell".
From Fálkafell there is a great view of the town and the fjord.

From Fálkafell one can choose two options to hike down to the Súluvegur road. Either along the Mountain bike trail down to the parking by the end station of Súluvegur (where hikes up to Mt. Súlur begin) or the road-tracks going down the hill - by the big stone cairns (Varða) and further down to the Súluvegur by the hotwater-sheds.

From Glerárdalur valley:
Most people begin by Súluvegur road, by the parking by the Norðurorka energy company sheds. Then follow the description above in reversed order, with first stop beeing the cairn and the Fálkafell hut.

The route covers variated ground like gravelroadtracks, cheeptracks, rocks and moor. Big part of the route is upon the cliffs above the Naustaborgir and Kjarnaskógur outdoor areas providing great view.

Note that this route is used both by hikers and bikers.


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Further info

Distance: 8,3 km (One way)

Total Time: 2 -3 hours

Elevation: 390 m

Terrain: Gravel/mud tracks, sheep tracks, moor, cliffs / rock

Start/End point: Súluvegur road or Kjarnakot (Kjarnaskógur)

Parking: By Súluvegur or by parkingarea by Kjarnakot (Kjarnaskógur)

Interesting sights: Fálkafell hut, Gamli hut, Crain, View, Kjarnaskógur.