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Steinmenn / "Stonemen"

Steinmenn are peculiar rocks on a glacier-eroded cliffs by Súlumýrar above Kjarnaskógur.
One can choose between different routes, but the most common is to walk up to the Gamli (the old scout lodge) above Kjarnaskógur and from there up the hills and through marshland along a marked trail for another 1.2 km.

The walk is suitable for most people but is quite steep. Children and teenagers will no doubt enjoy seeing these funny stone formations at a height of about 500 meters over sea level and enjoy the view. From Steinmenn there is a great view in all directions.

You can start the hike from the campsite at Harmar or the forest Kjarnaskógur, both places have plenty of parking and restrooms. You can also walk from Fálkafell, but from there is no path and it is not marked and in places it is wet but not as steep as from Kjarnaskógur/Hamrar.

The distance is about 7 - 9 km (roundtrip) depending on which route is chosen.
The elevation is about 450 m. The path is easy but can be wet in parts. The walk should take about 4-4.5 hours in total.

It is necessary to wear good shoes and dress according to the weather and hiking sticks. Water and some refreshments are also a good idea.


Further info

Distance: 7-9 Km (roundtrip) / miles 4.3-5.6

Total time: 4-4.5 hrs 

Terrain: Mud-tracks, cliffs and gravel

Start/End point: Carpark Kjarnaskógur by Kjarnakot house

Parking: Carpark Kjarnaskógur by Kjarnakot house

Interesting sights: Kjarnaskógur forest, cliffs above the forest, Gamli (the old scout lodge), cairn, Súlumýrar moore and Steinmenn and great view.