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Súlur is the town mountain of Akureyri. It consists of two peaks, the one closer to Akureyri is called Ytri-súla, while the higher one  (1.213 m) which is further away is called Syðri-súla.  These two peaks are mostly made of a volcanic rock called Rhyolite.

Situated about 10km south-west from downtown Akureyri, it offers a stamina-charged hike which is about 5km (5.7km to the southern peak) one way with a 900m elevation. Providing stunning views of the town and the fjord when the weather allows. 

The hike starts from the parking lot at the end of the road "Súlurvegur", but you can hike from town all the way there. 

From the parking lot, you just follow the path towards Súlur but note that there are several more hikes beginning from this same place. You can reach Súlur from a couple of options but the most common route is the one presented below.

Right at the beginning when leaving the parking area, the trail crosses a small creek and then continues straigt up a small hill along wood shaped stairs, across a fench over some stairs crossing it and then along a "sheep-track" and nature trail all the way up to the top. The trail is marked by poles.

The trail goes through moores so it can be muddy in places even though "wood-bridges" are built over the most soaked areas. Good hiking boots are reccomended as well as hiking poles.

Give yourselves 4,5 -  6 hours to complete the hike (estimated time from the parking lot, add 2h from downtown Akureyri)

See map below with photos of sights along the route. 
Also available on the App: Wapp - Mt. Súlur - where you can always see where you are situated along the route in realtime.

Further info

Distance: 10Km / 6.20miles

Total time: 4.5-6 hrs

Start/End point: Súluvegur parking

Terrain: Sheep-tracks (mud), rocks, snow

Parking: By the end of Súluvegur

Interesting sights: Fantastic view over the town, fjord, mountains and valleys