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Valley Glerárdalur upp to the hiking bridge

A hiking/biking route that begins by the new hydro powerplant by the river Glerá. From there follow the path along the canyon leading all the way up to the dam further up the valley. Along the route you pass the club area of the Akureyri Car Club (BA) and snow scooter and motorbike club area (KKA). On the way you find two viewpoints that provide great view to the impressive canyon and some waterfalls. After the club area of the snow scooter and motorbike club a bend is taken around the area of the Gun Club (SA) which is well marked by a fence.

Above the Gun Club area the trail continues along a gravel road, through a gate and turns up the mountain a short distance before taking a turn to the left onto another gravel road leading in the valley. This road is followed a short distance until you see a parking lot on the other side of the river (one used for those hiking to mt. Súlur). At this point you will see a small signpost – turn to the path leading down to the river and follow it until you can cross a hiking bridge a bit further down the river. Follow the path up the hill and to the parking lot for Mt. Súlur.

From there you continue along the road Súluvegur down to the Dairy, where you continue to left, cross the street Þingvallarstræti by the kindergarten Flúðir. Go left and cross the bridge and almost take a full round by the roundabout to head down the path down to the rive and to the starting point of the tour.