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Hidden Trail

The Hidden Trail stroll is a lovely walk around the Botanical Garden of Akureyri.

It takes about 1 hour with the guidance of Bryndis Fjola who is a seer and horticulturist. The walk takes you slowly through the Botanical Garden and Bryndis Fjola will talk about the hidden people and elves that dwell in the garden. She will talk about their roles in existence and the messages they bring both today and in ancient times. The hidden women that accompany the walk are interested in the human existence and are grateful for you taking the time to visit them and the Botanical Garden. 

Through the years, Bryndis Fjola has built a special relationship based on mutual confidence with the hidden women of the garden and they are now willing to invite and welcome those who wish to learn about their existence and true powers. During the walk Bryndis Fjola will also talk about influential powers in the Icelandic nature that are involved when we are truly fascinated and experiencing true nature and the joyful moments that allow us to create tales, music and paintings that enable us to feel and communicate the love and courage which the supernatural powers of earths nature stir within us.

The Hidden Trail stroll gives you an insight into the supernatural powers that have influenced Icelandic artists while creating their masterpieces. The walk will also serve to activate your environmental awareness and connection with nature.

Price: EUR 45 per person. No more than 15-20 people in a mixed group. (2023)
Private tours: Minimum of 10 persons/minimum price EUR 450 per tour. (2023)
Tours available all year. Duration aprox 1 hour.

The Hidden Trail map
The Hidden Trail map of the Botanical Garden will be sold as a souvenir in the garden, at the cafe LYST. The map is useful for those who wish to walk slowly in their own time around the garden and explore the habitats of the hidden people and elves. The Hidden Trail map is a souvenir that will make the visit an adventurous and memorable experience while at the same time acquiring a beautiful Icelandic design in the form of a tablecloth and/or a dish towel that serves as a reminder of a unique experience and the bountiful gifts of Mother Earth.

For bookings and more information : Bryndís Fjóla Pétursdóttir, +354 8970670, bryndis@bryndis.is
and bryndis.is