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Sailing Club

Sailing courses for children begin when school ends in spring and usually take place in mid-August. Each course is one week, weekdays 3 hours at a time. From 9-12 or 13-16. The courses are for children aged 8-15 years. In the youngest year, however, you have to take into account the courage and physical ability. Children can participate in as many courses as they want over the summer. The kids come with lunches and extra suits, best to wear a wind suit or padding bugs and boots. Wet or dry suits are best for those who have become a bit more accustomed and have started to sail more. Nökkvi has had used and new suits for sale.

Contact telephone 6947509 or email siglingaklubburinn@gmail.com

Further info

Homepage: nokkvi.iba.is

Telephone 6947509

E-mail siglingaklubburinn@gmail.com