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Sightseeing Flights

Circle Air
Akureyri Airport (opposite of the Aviation Museum)
Phone: (+354) 588 4000
Website: www.circleair.is
E-mail: circleair@circleair.is

Circle Air is a newly established  company that builds on decades of experience in business and aviation. The team is comprised of experienced professionals in a multitude of fields. Our flight department has been active in Iceland and Greenland since the early eighties and is staffed with people of all ages that are enthusiastic and seasoned professionals and pilots, together with competent junior pilots.

Circle Air´s Airvans are ideal for sightseeing, photo flights, whale watching, bike hops and whatever kind of flying that requires rugged reliability.  

In addition, we provide the same sort of reliability in a twin engine 19 seaterTwin Otter or a comfortable 7-9 seater King Air B200, that can take you to London or Copenhagen within 3 hours from Akureyri International Airport. 

Circle Air can make your Arctic journey a life changing experience.  

Iceland and Greenland within easy reach. 


Mýflug / Norlandair
Akureyri Airport
Phone: (+354) 464 4400 & (+354) 847 8976
Website: www.myflug.is/
Website: www.norlandair.is/
E-mail: myflug@myflug.is

The Airlines Mýflug and Norlandair operates sightseeing flights from Akureyri airport, below you find some of their tour suggestions:

Tour 1: Akureyri and surroundings                     Duration: 00:20
Tour 2: Akureyri - Mývatn - Akureyri                  Duration: 1:00
Tour 3: Akureyri - Mývatn - Askja - Akureyri     Duration: 1:30

Tours can be arranged upon wishes, e.g. tours to the island Grimsey on the polar Circle where we stop for about one hour.
The Air plains seat 7 passengers

For booking - call +354 847-8976 or e-mail us at:  myflugbiar@gmail.com
 you find a copy of the brochure with further information about the tours.

Myflug_brochure_front    Myflug_brochure_back