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Wide Open Snowshoeing 
Phone: (+354) 659 3992
Phone: (+354) 697 5383
Website: www.wideopen.is
E-mail: info@wideopen.is

Wide open is all about walking, nature and exploring new horizons away from the crowd. During the winter, when the fjord is covered in snow, we put on our snowshoes and enter the frozen landscapes around Akureyri.

The snowshoes allow us to go outdoors without sinking too deep into the white powder and they give grip on patches of icy snow. There is a snowshoe hike for every type of weather and every kind of snow. Snowshoeing is easy and extremely fun. You don't need any skills. If you like hiking, you will love snowshoeing. 

Kid size snowshoes are also available for private family tours. Children love snowshoeing as much as their parents.

The guides speak English, French, Spanish and Dutch.