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Walking tours & hiking/running events

In Akureyri you can join guided walking/hiking tours as well as hiking and running events: 

The Touring Club of Akureyri 

(Ferðafélag Akureyrar)
Strandgata 23
Phone: (+354) 462 2720
E-mail: ffa@ffa.is
Website: ffa.is 
The Touring Club offers many guided hiking/walking tours throughout the year.
Here you find information on the club‘s annual program.

The club owns 7 huts in the highlands of Iceland, this accommodation must be pre-booked through their office, check office hours

The club has also published hiking maps of the Glerárdalur valley, Mt Vaðlaheiðir and Ösku route. These maps can be purchased at the clubs office.

Walk and visit - guided tours

Phone (+354) 623 9595
Facebook: @walkandvisit

Enjoyable walking tours with historical input with a guide who has vast amounts of experience.
Experience a relaxing walking tour through Akureyri. Private tours are an option as well.

*Family walk
Family walk with an ice cream break. 2- 3 hour walk 

The walk starts at the Hof Cultural & Conference Centre  and from there along the coast towards the old town. The history of the town and the houses in the old town is discussed. Including a stop by the iconic ice cream shop Brynja. Akureyri is situated on a hill so we walk up to the Botanical garden, the pride and joy of Akureyri and talk about the garden and the women who created it. Here the tour ends and guests can relax in the grass, have a cup of coffee in the gardens café or go swimming!

*Romantic afternoon walk 

Romantic afternoon or evening walk with a stop for coffee in the old town. 2-3 hours, easy walk. 

The walk starts at Hof Cultural & Conference Centre and from there along the coast into the old town. The history of the town and the houses in the old town is told and also about some of its notable inhabitants.  Stops are made by various buildings such as Laxdalshús, Höepfnershús, the old pharmacy and Gudmanns Minde. Further the tour goes past the Akureyri History Museum and Nonnahús and by the end of the street Aðalstræti the tour ends with a relaxing moment with opportunity to discuss daily life in Akureyri.

Hiking weeks

Akureyri Touring Club (Ferðafélag Akureyrar) organizes two hiking weeks each summer. These are mostly shorter afternoon walks 2-4 hours each taking place in the vicinity of Akureyri The hiking weeks and other hikes on behalf of the Touring Club can be found here.

Súlur Vertical

Email: info@sulurvertical.is
Webpage: www.sulurvertical.com
Facebook: @VerticalSulur

Started in 2016 by the local running club, the event has grown every year and the latest addition is the 55 km and 3000 m elevation gain run, giving 3 ITRA points. The race takes participants from the highest peaks around Akureyri down to the central heart of town, arriving with a big smile on their face at the finishing line. View the route

Two other shorter races are also on the menu, 28 km and 18 km. The 18 km race is good for anyone familiar with trail running, while the 28 km is more challenging with steeper climbs.


Wide Open

Tel: (+354) 659 3992
Tel: (+354) 697 5383
E-mail: info@wideopen.is

Wide Open is all about hiking, nature and exploring new horizons away from the crowd.
Eyjafjörður and the natural surroundings of Akureyri are ideal for hiking. Wide Open guides small groups into the mountains and valleys of this scenic fjord.

The company offers day hikes of varying difficulty levels (Moderate, Challenging and Demanding) and midsummer night hikes in June.
On their website you can find more information and find out if the hike of the day fits you!
Languages available: English, French, Spanish and Dutch

Walk or hike on your own

If you prefer to organize and do a tour on your own, have a look at our presentation of different walking and hiking possibilities within the town and vicinity.
There you will find everything from shorter routes to more extensive ones, maps, brochures and more. Have at look at our Walking and Hiking section.



Further info

Touring Club of Akureyri
(Ferðafélag Akureyrar)


Walk and Visit
guided tours


Hiking weeks


Súlur Vertical


Walking and hiking on your own