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AC/DC Rock Fair

AC/DC Rock Fair

The legendary band AC/DC will be celebrated on GH on May 26.
The legendary band AC/DC will be celebrated on GH on May 26.


AC/DC, the legendary band that has the best-selling rock album of all time, Back In Black, and over 200 million albums sold worldwide over a 40-year career, will be celebrated at the Green Hat on May 26.

The reason it is included at this point is that the show "Alttaf sama platan", where the hosts Smári Tarfur and Birkir Fjalar talk about the band's one album in each episode, has run its course, and it should be celebrated with a rock fair.

At the rock fair, fans of the band will hear songs like Back in black, Thunderstruck, You shook me all night long, Highway to hell, Hells bells, Let there be rock and other big hits. There is a chosen man in every bed in this amazing mass, but the band is made up of strong and tight Icelandic rockers who have made the garden famous in not insignificant groups such as HAM, DIMMA, DR. SPOCK, VINTAGE CARAVAN, 13 and ENZYME.


Vocals: Stebbi Jak

Song: Dagur Sig

Guitar / backing vocals: Óskar Logi Ágústsson

Guitar / backing vocals: Franz Gunnarsson

Bass: Flosi Þorgeirsson

Drums: Hallur Ingólfsson


The history of AC/DC

With a simple weapon and the enthusiasm to put the world at their feet, the brothers and guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young set off on a journey that has covered the entire world, every street since 1973 when AC/DC was formed in Sydney, Australia.

Considerable personnel changes took place at first, but with the arrival of drummer Phil Rudd, bassist Mark Evans and singer Bon Scott, AC/DC was finally ready for the coming conflict. It can be said that the band hardly slowed down in the following years; non-stop concert tours in between working day and night in the studio.

The recipe was simple: easy-to-digest three-chord rock with ambiguous lyrics about partying, drinking and ladies. AC/DC's performance in concert was exceptionally powerful. Angus, dressed in school uniform, darted between ends of the stage. Bon Scott impressed the audience with his strong presence. He had a powerful voice, was a cool lyricist and it was absolutely in his blood to entertain people.

AC/DC made six albums with Bon Scott on board, and the fan base grew with each release. Songs like TNT, Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap captured the minds of rock fans far and wide and everything was headed in the right direction.

Friday, May 26
Græni hatturinn, Hafnarstræti, Akureyri