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Children and family trip

Children and family trip

Tour by Akureyri Touring Club
Akureyri Touring Club

Children's and family trip: Walk to Gamla

Departure at 17

Tour in private cars from the club office, Strandgata 23.
Guided tour: Herdís Zophoníasdóttir

The walk starts from the parking lot at Sólúrid in Kjarnskógi and from there up to Gamli, the scout's lodge in Akureyri, where walkers will be offered light refreshments. A similar route will be followed back.
The walk up afterwards is quite strenuous, but the walk will be slow so that everyone can enjoy it as much as possible.

Total distance 3-4 km. Walking height 190 m.

Participation is free.

June 8 - June 10
Strandgata 23, Akureyri