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Children's and family trip in Lambi hut

Children's and family trip in Lambi hut

Tour by Akureyri Touring Club
Akureyri Touring Club

Lambi hut on Glerárdal

Departure at 10

Tour begins by the parking lot for Súlur mountain.
Guide: Jónína Sveinbjörnsdóttir.

We start from the parking lot at the ascent to Súlur and walk through Glerárdal to the cabin Lambi, where we will spend one night. The trip offers a variety of experiences in nature, including having to cross streams on the way. Lambi is a well-equipped mountain cabin with oil heating and a gas stove, but drinking water must be fetched from the stream. When August comes, it starts to get dark at night and it's nice to experience the darkness in the mountain silence.

Total distance 22 km (11 km each day).

Walking elevation 440 m.
Price: Adults 9,500/13,000, free for children.
Included: Tour guide and accommodation for one night for one adult and children.

August 12 - August 13
Strandgata 23, Akureyri