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Mt. Búrfell in Mývatnsveit

Mt. Búrfell in Mývatnsveit

Akureyri Touring Club
Búrfell in Mývatnsveit  -

Departure at 8 by private cars (jeeps) from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Jeeps (unmodified) are required from Hverfjall.

Directions: Drive to Hverfjall, set off from there at 9:30am. Drive south through Lüdentsborgur and east of Hvannfell. Walk from Hvannfell through smooth cave lava (stop at Lofthelli) and east with the roots of Búrfell to the south. Hike on Búrfell up steep slopes, up through the lava flow in the mountainside and to the summit. The same way back. On the way back, you walk through lava, south of Sauðahnjúk and north with Hvannfell to the parking lot.

Distance: 14-15 km.
Walking ascent and descent of 600 m.
Price: 5,000/6,500.
Included: Tour guide.
This tour is paid upon departure.

Saturday, August 10
Strandgata 23, Akureyri