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Vintage Cars Evening

Vintage Cars Evening

View the stiff-boned steel cars aged 25 and over.
Members of Akureyri's vintage car club meet on Wednesday evenings at the Cultural House Hof and invite the townspeople and visitors to view the stiff-boned steel cars aged 25 and over. It's probably been about a decade since members of the classic car department started meeting, first at town square and later at Cultural House Hof. Classic car owners who are not members of the club are especially encouraged to attend and familiarize themselves with the club's activities.


20.00 - Arrival of classic cars at Cultural House Hof
20.15 - Tour of classic cars around the city center
20.30-21.30 - Classic car exhibition at Hof
Everyone is welcome to view and chat!

The classic car meeting is a joint project of Akureyri's Car Club, Hof's Menningarhús and Akureyri's Business, Marketing and Culture Team.

The event is part of Art Summer 2023.

Wednesday, June 14
Menningarhúsið Hof, Strandgata, Akureyri