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Mt. Hálshnjúkur in Fnjóskadal

Mt. Hálshnjúkur in Fnjóskadal

Akureyri Touring Club

Hálsnjúk in Fnjóskadal

Departure at 9 in private cars from FFA, Strandgata 23.
Tour guide: Haukur F. Valtýsson.

Drive to Vaglaskógur to Efri-Vaglir where the walk begins. You walk up the hill along a marked path and reach Hálshnjúkinn. From the top there is a great view of Fnjóskadalur and Ljósavatnskarð. The same route back.

Distance in total 4 km.
A hike of about 400 m.
Price: 2,500/4,000.
Included: Tour guide.
This tour is paid upon departure.

Sunday, September 8
Strandgata 23, Akureyri