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Arctic Handcraft and Design at Hrafnagil

Arctic Handcraft and Design at Hrafnagil

5th-8th August 2021

Arctic Handcraft and Design will next be held 5th-8th August 2021

About 100 individuals are selected to sell their exclusive handcraft, art and design that often is based on the old Icelandic traditions. Some of the favourite materials used is the legendary Icelandic wool, the delicate skin of lamb and reindeer not forgetting the luxurious fish leather. Spend the afternoon exploring the core of the Icelandic culture in the great environment of Reykárhverfi just 10 km. south of Akureyri, surrounded by the peaceful mountains of Eyjafjörður.

Contact details :         e mail : handverk@esveit.is    website:  www.handverkshatid.is

August 5 - August 8