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Haus in Mt. Staðarbyggðarfjall

Haus in Mt. Staðarbyggðarfjall

A tour that goes along a marked path up the slopes to the peak Haus
Akureyri Touring Club

Haus in Staðarbyggðarfjall

Departure at 10
Úríður H. Kristjánsdóttir

Tour in private cars from the club office, Strandgata 23.

Guide: Úríður H. Kristjánsdóttir

We drive to the summer house Sel from where the walk starts.
Follow the marked path up the slopes to the peak Haus, which is the first stage on the way to Mt. Uppsalahnjúk.
There is a great and beautiful view from Haus.

A short walk.
Distance 3.3 km. Walking height 270 m.
Participation is free.

The estimated travel time is only a guideline and depends on the group and the circumstances in each case.

Saturday, May 6
Strandgata 23, Akureyri