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Concert Hvanndalsbræður - Christmas Special

Concert Hvanndalsbræður - Christmas Special

The Hvanndals brothers are in the Christmas mode.
Hvanndalsbræður - brothers - Christmas Special

The most enjoyable Christmas and non-Christmas concerts of the year.
Here, the Hvanndals brothers and the always cheerful Magni Ásgeirsson and Óskar Pétursson will bring their horses together.

Some people wonder if it is safe to mix the Hvanndals brothers and the Álftagerðis brothers, we don't know, but it is at least clear that some kind of lip balm will be created from that mixture.
Then Ingimar Eydal will have a special Christmas presentation on smoke detectors, but not everyone knows the difference between, for example, ionic and optical detectors, for example.

Friday, December 8
Græni hatturinn, Hafnarstræti, Akureyri