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Iceland Winter Games

Iceland Winter Games

Iceland Winter Games (IWG) is running into its 5th year and is one of the fastest growing winter festivals. In 2019, it will be held March 22nd -24th. Starting in 2014 as a single event, AFP world tour Freeskiing competition, IWG has become one of the biggest winter festivals in Europe, with events ranging from ski- and snowboard competitions, on jumps carved from the snow like Icelandic volcanoes, to the Icelandic National Dog sledding championship. Outdoor and winter sport activists will find a great variety of events to enjoy or partake in... and in breathtaking landscape!

Iceland Winter Games hosts events found nowhere else, like the "Volcanic Big Air" freeski and snowboard competition, "Peak to Surf" ski tours on the Troll peninsula, Arctic horseback riding, snowmobile competitions and many more.

Iceland Winter Games hometown of Akureyri is a small city in comparison to almost any city in the world, but still one of the biggest in Iceland with a population of just under 20.000 inhabitants. Located in north-east Iceland, Akureyri is in one of the longest fjords in the country and is surrounded by mountains reaching 1000-1500 m. The Arctic Circle in only 60 km north of Akureyri but still the climate is mild, with summer temperatures up to 25°C and winter temperatures in average around 0˚C. Despite the small size of the city, it's buzzing with life and everyone seems to be involved in some type of outdoor winter sport and activity. Earlier this year, Lonely Planet chose Akureyri as the Nr. 1 "Best place in Europe 2015" and Mt. Hlíðarfjall Ski resort was nominated as one of the Top 12 most exotic ski resorts in the world.

In 2015, Iceland Winter Games merged with the North-Icelandic festival, "Blizzard", making it the biggest winter festival in Iceland with over 60 events in the course of just one week. This year we will have a 3 day festival from friday to sunday. The events showcase all that the north of Iceland has to offer in winter activities, with all the major tour operators working with Iceland Winter Games, taking their guests on breathtaking tours in their modified super jeeps, helicopters, snowmobiles or even by "green energy" Schooner boats.

Apart from the great variety of events hosted by Iceland Winter Games, opportunity for amazing and "once in a lifetime" experience is all part of Iceland Winter Games. Having the chance of skiing under the northern lights in Mt. Hlíðarfjall's beautiful and diverse slopes, Outback Heli- or Catskiing from the mountain tops of the Troll peninsula, ending the ride on an Icelandic black sand beach and going for a surf in the Arctic Ocean, is something that can't be experienced anywhere else in the world!

March 20 - March 22