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Jón Ólafsson - Birthday concert

Jón Ólafsson - Birthday concert

Jón Ólafs with a birthday concert at the Green Hat.
Jón Ólafsson holds a birthday concert, together with a band, at the Green Hat, Saturday evening April 29th

and plays his best-known songs mixed with favorite songs of various kinds.

Among Jón's well-known songs, we can mention songs such as Flugvélar, Sunndagsmorgunn, Líf og Tunglið mitt.

He is a member of the band Nýdansk and was one of the founders of Sálin and Bítlavinafélagið.

Jón has released three solo albums and now hosts a popular radio show on Rás 2 every Sunday morning.

Jón was the first to hold a concert at the Green Hat after it became a concert venue in late summer in 2004.


Jón Ólafsson (Ný dönsk) - keyboard/vocals

Andri Ólafsson (Moses Hightower) - bass/vocals

Magnús Magnússon (Babies) - drums

Stefán Már Magnúson (SSSól) - guitar/vocals

Saturday, April 29
Græni hatturinn, Hafnarstræti, Akureyri