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Concert with Laddi

Concert with Laddi

Laddi sings his best songs together with a big band
Laddi sings his best songs together with a big band

Due to the number of inquiries, it has been decided to repeat Laddi's songs on the Green Hat, but last time fewer people were able to come than wanted.

The songs that Laddi has written and sung over the years are dozens if not hundreds. Songs that have taken root in the national psyche and are associated with memories of joy and good times. Who does not remember songs such as "Flikk Flakk", "Upp undir Laugarásnum", "Gibba Gibb", "Búkolla", "Súperman" and many others.

Here, Laddi is going to perform all his best-known songs at the Green Hat together with a big band that has been put together especially for this occasion. This is a unique event that no one should miss.

The band consists of, together with Laddi:

Magni Ásgeirsson: Guitar/Vocals
Summi Hvanndal: Bass/Vocals
Valur Freyr Halldórsson: Drums/Vocals
Arnar Tryggvason: Keyboard/Vocals
Pétur Steinar Hallgrímsson: Guitar/Vocals
Ármann Einarsson: Saxophone
Valgarður Óli Ómarsson: Percussion

Friday, March 17
Græni hatturinn, Hafnarstræti, Akureyri