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Local Food Festival

Local Food Festival

The purpose of the festival is to draw attention to the north and the great food industry that goes on in the North, a diverse selection of restaurants, food culture and other sectors related to food. Local Food Festival wants to achieve both Icelanders and tourists as there is a big increase in interest worldwide in food tourism.

The Local food Festival exhibition will be held every two years and comes instead of the festival Matur-Inn or Food-Inn, but that exhibition was attended by 13-15 thousand visitors.

The Local Food Festival exhibition is held to reflect the strength of the North as the country´s largest food production area and therefore is  the exhibiton an ideal presentation platform that companies and individuals in the sector can use to draw attention to there production, cuisine, catering, food tourism and trade associated within this industry.

Saturday, October 3
Hof Cultural and Conference Centre, Strandgata, Akureyri
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