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Nature viewing and self-cultivation at Glerárdal - weekend trip

Nature viewing and self-cultivation at Glerárdal - weekend trip

Akureyri Touring Club

Nature observation and self-cultivation at Glerárdal  

Departure at 13 from the parking lot at Súluveg.
Guide: Ásdís Skúladóttir and Birna Guðrún Baldursdóttir.
In our backyard here in Akureyri is the beautiful Glerárdalur with all its peaks and natural beauty. The trip there is a fun and nourishing hike that includes tasks for self-cultivation, meditation, cold baths, light yoga exercises, self-discovery games, healthy food, to name a few. We will spend two nights in the FFA cabin in Glerárdal, Lamba, where the facilities are good.

1.d., Friday: Today's walk is from the parking lot at Súluveg to Lamba. Walk along paths and trails. Let's settle down in the cabin, eat together, meditate and have a good time. Distance: 11 km. Elevation: 400m.

2.d., Saturday:
Today's walk is from Lamba up to the Trollas, which are peculiar rock tunnels east of Glerár in Trollafjall. Then we walk down to the lake Trollaspegli, where we will walk and meditate if the weather permits. You have to wade across the Glerán, which is easy at this time of year, but it's good to have waders and walking sticks. Then we walk back to Lamba, where we will have dinner together and a little vigil.Distance: 12-14 km. Elevation: 450 m.

3.d., Sunday:
Light yoga for those who want. To reach the settlement, you will walk down Finnastaðadal and reach Finnastaðir in Eyjafjörður, where hikers need to be picked up. Tour guides help with that if needed. It is expected to arrive in Akureyri in the second part of the day.

Distance: 11 km.
Walking height: 270 m.
Maximum number of 12 people.
Price: 23,000/26,000.
Included: Accommodation for two nights and tour guide. Shared food is paid separately. The tour guides take care of buying in and cooking.
A confirmation fee must be paid for registering on this tour ISK. 5,000 no later than 14 days after a claim is created in an online bank.
This trip must be paid in full in advance, three days before departure. A claim will be created in an online bank.

Friday, August 16
Súluvegur, Akureyri