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Öskjuvegur; five day tour 21.-25. July

Öskjuvegur; five day tour 21.-25. July

Akureyri Touring Club
The Askjuveg; five-day trip:

Departure at 13
by bus from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Direction: In the trip is done with minimal equipment. Trussbus drives with luggage between cabins. The car follows the group all the time. People are asked to limit luggage as much as possible. A bus then picks up the group at the end of the trip. Stay in the FFA cabins at Drekagil, in Dyngjufell and Botna in Svartárbotnum.

1.d., Sunday: Drive to Dreka, with a stop in Herðubreiðarlind. Overnight in the FFA cabin at Drekagil.

2.d., Monday: Walk along the marked route from Drekagili, over Dyngjufjöll to Askja. Arrived in Víti. The group will be picked up at the parking lot at Öskjuop and driven back to Dreka, staying there for another night. Distance: 13-14 km.

Tuesday: Drive up to Askjuop. Follow the marked path from there, over Dyngjufjöll via Jónsskarð and down to Dyngjufjalladal. Overnight in Dyngjufell, cabin FFA.Distance: 14 km.

Wednesday: From Dyngjufell, walk north to Dyngjufjalladal in Suðurárbotna. Overnight in Botna, cabin FFA.Distance: 20-22 km.

Thursday: Closing day; an old jeep trail is followed from Botna to Suðurárbotna and along Suðurá to Svartárkot.Distance: 15-16 km. Drive by bus to Akureyri. Expected to arrive there around 17

Maximum number of 14 people.

Price: 93,500/98,500.
Included: Accommodation for four nights, bus and trusty car with driver, tour guide.You have to pay a confirmation fee for registering for this trip ISK. 15,000 no later than 14 days after a claim is established in an online bank.
This trip must then be paid in full in advance, ten days before departure. A claim will be created in an online bank.

Sunday, July 21
Strandgata 23, Akureyri