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Together against waste - open meeting in Hof

Together against waste - open meeting in Hof

Waste prevention and circular economy education and opportunities to make an impact!
Together against waste
The Environment Agency has been tasked with revising the government's policy on waste prevention - . An important part of that work is to get an insight into the views of people, companies, municipalities and institutions all over the country.

On April 9 from 9-11:30 the Environmental Agency will hold an open meeting in Hofi Akureyri, where participants will be informed about the opportunities that lie in improved utilization and less waste, and the opportunity to make suggestions for actions.

Free entry and light refreshments - the meeting will also be streamed.

Here is the event on Facebook
Registration is required - see here


  • How do we prevent value from becoming trash?
  • How do we use objects, materials and resources better and longer?
  • How can finance and regulation help companies towards less waste?
  • What benefits does all this bring to companies and people?

This is the essence of the government's policy on waste prevention - Together against waste.


  • All!
  • Corporate staff
  • Staff of municipalities and institutions
  • Students
  • General public


  • An opportunity to directly influence government policy and make your or your workplace's point of view known
  • Education about the circular economy
  • Inspiration from businesses in the area
  • Opportunity to ask expert questions
  • An opportunity to talk to people and businesses from the area about these issues


  • The staff of Together against waste at the Environment Agency report on the project: What is the situation in Iceland? What opportunities are there to do even better?
  • The SSNE reports on the state of waste prevention and the circular economy in the region
  • Hrönn Björgvinsdóttir from the Amtsbókasafn in AkureyriOpportunities in the sharing economy -
  • - Arnar Snorrason from SæplastMaintaining a competitive advantage in international markets for 40 years on environmental grounds
  • Conversation about actions
Tuesday, April 9
Hof, Strandgata, Akureyri