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Fishermen's Day

Fishermen's Day

A day celebrated in many towns and villages e.g. Ólafsfjörður, Akureyri, Hrísey and Grímsey.

Fishermen's Day is an event dedicated to Iceland’s seamen, called Sjómannadagur in Icelandic. This is an annual event that commemorates Iceland’s seafaring culture and sailors. The celebration traditionally take place on the first Sunday in June.

The sea and its sailors are a vital part of Icelandic culture and every year most of the ships in Iceland remain in the harbour over the weekend while the sailors have the day off to take part in the festivities.

The day used to be celebrated in almost each town and village, but is now only celebrated in some. In the area of Eyjafjörður the day is usually celebrated in Ólafsfjörður, Akureyri, Hrísey and Grímsey. The program traditionally consists of: A seamen mass dedicated to fishermen, a wreath beeing placed at the seamen's monument, sailing and competitions by sea. In many places there is a cruise or other entertainment for the whole family.

The Fishermen's Day is on 4th June 2023

Program 2023:

Friday 2 June
Industry Museum
at 14.00 Open House and Seamen's Day theme:
25 years Aniversary of the Industry Museum
A Model of boat Huni II unveiled
Exhibition of ship and boat models along with various other things related to seamanship.

Saturday 3 June
Sandgerðisbót (small boat harbor) "Festival of the Sea"
10.00 - 13.00
Small boat owners welcome visitors
Fishermen honored
Grill for guests and passbyers and fishermen's music

Harbor Fiskihöfn east of Hagkaup
14.00 - 16.00
Open in Húna II on the occasion of the

boat's 60th anniversary Light refreshments

Sunday June 4 - Seamen's Day
at 08.00 The townspeople draw the flag
at 11.00 Seamen's Mass in Glerárkirkja church. A wreath laid at a monument for drowned and missing sailors
Soup in the congregation at the invitation of fishermen after a ceremony
at 11.00 - 14.00 Open house at the facilities of the Nökkvi Sailing Club at Höpfner harbor
at 13.15 Húni II sails from harbor Fiskihöfn (east of Hagkaup) on a group cruise with small boats, seal yachts and waterboards
All boat owners are welcome to join the cruise.
at 14.30 Sailing with Húni II – courtesy of the Eyjafjörður Fishermen's Association – Everyone welcome
at 15.30 Sailing with Húni II – courtesy of the Eyjafjörður Fishermen's Association – Everyone welcome
(Extra sailing provided if needed)

Family program at the harbour in the morgning
14.00 pm Seamen's Day coffee shop at Múli community centre

June 2 - June 4