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History journey in Víðasel: "On wobbly feet"

History journey in Víðasel: "On wobbly feet"

Akureyri Touring Club
History journey in Víðasel: "On wobbly feet"

Departure at 10
in private cars from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Tour guide: Erla Sigurðardóttir and Árni Jakobsson himself recorded his biography "On rolling feet".

In the walk, Árni's life history is traced and about the many special life courses of this disabled man with the harsh conditions of ordinary people and primitive farming methods. We walk from the southwestern end of Másvatn in Mývatnsveit along street paths to Víðaseli. Then to Austurgróf and out with her to a waterfall at the top of Austurgili. From the gorge, walk across Víðafell and to the cars. The walk to Víðaseli is very easy, with the rough and east over Víðafell, you walk on untrodden paths, peatlands and gravel. The view is very wide from Víðaseli and Víðafell. The walk is easy and suitable for all generations, an ideal family walk. Those who are not confident in walking through rough peatland can easily walk the same way back from Víðaseli to Másvatn.

Distance: 7.5 km
Elevation: 150 m.
Price: 2,500/4,000.
Included: Tour guide.This tour is paid upon departure.

Sunday, July 14
Strandgata 23, Akureyri