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A tour with focus on abandoned farms in Héðinsfjörður

A tour with focus on abandoned farms in Héðinsfjörður

Tour by Akureyri Touring Club
Akureyri Touring Club

A story tour of abandoned farms in Héðinsfjörður

Departure at 9

Tour in private cars from the club office, Strandgata 23.
Guide: Björn Z. Ásgrímsson

The walk starts at the viewing area in Héðinsfjörður, walking out along Héðinsfjarðarvatn lake on the east side with a stop at remains of the farm Vatnsenda. Next we will head to Vík and to the accident prevention shelter. Then we walked down to Víkursandur and waded the estuary. We will look at remains on the west side of the eastuary and then head in with the lake on the west side to the ruines of the farm Ámár. There we take a rest before before wading across the river Héðinsfjarðará and finally walk out to the east side and stop at the ruins of Möðruvellir and Grundarkot.

Distance 16 km.
Elevation insignificant., on the tour two rivers must be waded. Good to have waders.
Price: 3,000/4,500. Included: Tour guide.

Saturday, August 19
Strandgata 23, Akureyri