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Sólarlög 2020 in Grímsey

Sólarlög 2020 in Grímsey

The concert will be the northernmost electric concert ever held in Icelandic history.

Please note that the number of guests is subject to the current regulations regarding ban on gatherings
No entrance fee.
It is necessary to register by email at heimrikur@gmail.com

The name "solstice" comes from the Latin word solstitium which literally means "the sun standing still." This refers to the fact that the sun appears to stand still during this time and neither fall or rise. There are few places where this unique phenomenon is as clearly visible as in Grímsey. During the summer solstice in Grímsey, the sun does not dissappear behind mountains or trees because there are none. Rather the sun hovers over our head without any obstructions until it takes a dive towards the horizon, touching it gently and then beginning to rise again. In short: there is no night.

At this time particular place and at this particular hour you can experience what is meant when some say time is an illusion. You can also experience a complete recharge of nature's divine energy. This is why we want to raise people's awareness during this weekend with an original outdoor concert and a re-connection to the natural elements. The concert will be held in a unique location, the uninhabited northern end of Grimsey, "the island's foot" and will be without doubt the northernmost electrified concert ever held in Icelandic history. We will move a sound system and a small power generator to the northern tip of Grímsey island. This will give rise to strong contrasts between modern technology and raw unspoiled nature. By doing this we hope to awaken with our guests a strong environmental awareness and sense of responsibility for the position we all hold as human beings in this day and age.

The artists:

Ivan Mendez started his creative career as a hairdresser but now only cuts and colors life itself with his music creation. His goal is to use enjoyable pop music as a carrier for healing vibrations.  In his music he delves deep into the human psyche using his music as a form of his own spiritual practice. He is currently studying music production in Berlin, which he funds by working in the fishing industry in the Westman Islands during the summer holidays.




Diana Sus is a musician and actress from Latvia who lives in Akureyri where she currently studies creative music at Akureyri Music School. Prior to moving to Iceland, Diana became known in her homeland and elsewhere as the lead singer of a girl indie pop band "Sus Dungo." Now as a solo artist "Soul, Blues, Indie and Mermaids" are characteristic themes of her music creation.


Stefán Elí is a versatile musician and unique character who is not afraid to be himself. He plays an interesting mix of melodic pop music that leaves no one untouched. Due to his diligent work he has more followers worldwide on Youtube and Spotify than many of Iceland's domestically celebrated musicians. Stefán Elí is extremely productive, composing and recording all his music by himself. He has ​​released 3 albums despite being only twenty years old.


The concert manager is Hinrik Hólmfríðarson Ólason, who was raised both in Grímsey and Akureyri. You can contact him at: Facebook, by phone 6968990 or e-mail heimrikur@gmail.com.

The patron of the concert is Sverrir Páll Erlendsson former Icelandic teacher at the Akureyri High School (MA).
The concert is sponsored by the Akureyri Cultural Fund.

Practical items: It is necessary to bring both warm and windproof clothes because Grímsey has no mountains or tress and is therefore exposed to most weather conditions. It is also good to bring hot drinks and snacks.

It is necessary to book a ticket for the Sæfari ferry at https://www.samskip.is/inlandlands/saefari/

The Sæfari ferry leaves on Friday, June 19, stops for a few hours and returns before the concert starts. She does not sail on Saturday, so it is necessary for concertgoers to stay in the island from Friday to Sunday. Those who decide to embark on this journey need not be disappointed because the same weekend there will be other music events, as well as hiking tours around the island under the guidance of Hinrik Hólmfríðarson Ólason. If the weather gods are on our side, then this whole experience can create unforgettable memories.

You can stay at a campsite in Grímsey, where the night costs 1700 ISK per person. Y

You can also stay in one of three guesthouses run in Grímsey:

Sveinsstaðir/ The Arctic Trip Guesthouse



Básar guesthouse



Gullsól guesthouse



There is a restaurant and a small shop are in Grímsey, but it is good to bring food for those with special needs or food intolerences.


Friday, June 19
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