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Exhibition - Ingibjörg Helga Ágústsdóttir

Exhibition - Ingibjörg Helga Ágústsdóttir

Summer exhibition from Ingibjörg. Carved birds and Freyjas.

Welcome to the opening of Ingibjörg Helga Ágústsdóttir's exhibition on Thursday, June 13th at 16:00. The exhibition is part of Art Summer in Akureyri, and we strongly recommend taking a walk and visiting more museums along the way. Light refreshments will be served.

Ingibjörg Helga Ágústsdóttir has a background in fashion design, but is almost exclusively carving today.

Ingibjörg's work takes its inspiration from folklore and the costume tradition of Iceland. She started carving in earnest in 2008 and every year new works and birds are born in her studio in the basement of the old Tang and Riis shop in Stykkishólmi.

In this exhibition you can see Ingibjargar's Freyjas, but they either feature birds, in which case the bird names refer to the names of the Freyjas, or that they have wings, in which case they are so-called flight attendants. You can also see birds on walls and on vases. The vases are by the pottery artist Sigríði Erla Guðmundsdóttir, who has worked a lot with Icelandic clay over the years. The bird vases are a joint project of Ingibjörg and Sigríður Erla.

The exhibition runs through the month of July in the exhibition space of the County Library in Akureyri. We are very pleased to receive the work of Ingibjörg north to Akureyri and hope that the museum's visitors will enjoy viewing these magnificent works this summer.

July 23 - July 26
Amtsbókasafnið, Brekkugata, Akureyri