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Þeistareykjabunga-Þeistareykir: Skiing

Þeistareykjabunga-Þeistareykir: Skiing

The skiing tour goes to Þeistareykjabunga which is one of the largest shield volcano in the country
Akureyri Touring Club

Þeistareykjabunga-Þeistareykir: Skiing

Departure at 8

Tour in private cars from the Tourin Clubs Office (FFA), Strandgata 23.

Guide: Sigurgeir Sigurðsson.

Drive to the area of Þeistareykir, where the walk begins. Þeistareykjabunga is one of the largest shield volcano in the country, but its source is in Stóra-Víti. We will go up to Bóndhólskarð, to Litla-Víti which is very special and close to Stóra-Víti.

Walk continues to the highest point of Þeistareykjabunga, from where vast lava has flowed and you have a panoramic view of the area.
Total distance 15 km.
Walking height 200 m.
Price: 3,000/4,500. Included: Tour guide.

The estimated travel time is only a guideline and depends on the group and the circumstances in each case.

Saturday, April 15
Strandgata 23, Akureyri