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Siglufjörður Folk Music Festival

Siglufjörður Folk Music Festival

The event takes place in July each year

 The annual Siglufjörður Folk Music Festival received a special award recognizing outstanding cultural events in the countryside of Iceland. Icelandic folk ballads, folkdance, courses and lectures are available during the festival since 1999.

In 2024 it will be held the 3rd-7th of July.

The Folk Music Centre in Siglufjörður presents Icelandic folk music in an accessible and entertaining manner through video recordings of people old and young, singing folk songs and playing traditional instruments. Visitors can take a crack at playing reproductions of an Icelandic fiddle and a langspil (dulcimer), or just listen to the music with a cup of coffee. The Folk Music Centre also contains an exhibition depicting the life of the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson (1861¬–1938), who transcribed songs and chants during a 25-year period, before publishing his book Icelandic Folk Songs in 1906–09. His book preserves a unique part of Icelandic cultural history, and many of the songs would surely have been lost but for his tireless efforts. The Centre has a number of exhibits that were owned by the Reverend and his wife, including several manuscripts showing examples of his transcriptions and original compositions.
The town of Siglufjörður is the venue for the annual Folk Music Festival (July 4th-8th, 2018), where music from all around the world is performed alongside traditional Icelandic music. At the same time, children and adults can attend special courses on Icelandic music, dance and handicrafts. The Festival is one of Iceland’s most popular musical events.

Siglufjörður Folk Music Festival Phone: (354) 692-6030 Email: festival@siglo.is

July 3 - July 7
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