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Trolls on Glerárdal, hiking trail on the West-side

Trolls on Glerárdal, hiking trail on the West-side

Akureyri Touring Club
Akureyri Travel Association

Trolls on Glerárdal, hiking trail to the west

Departure at 8 in private cars from FFA office, Strandgata 23.
Guide: Ingimar Eydal.

Drive to the parking lot on the road to Glerárstífla from there along which the road enters the dam of Glerárvirkjun 2 and keeps to the western bank of Glerar. You have to wade across Heimari-Lambá at a suitable place on the mud cone and continue to Fremri-Lambá, where you can cross a bridge. You then go up the front bank of the river and turn to the southwest on Vatnshlíðarbrún and come to Tröllaspegli lake. You cross Stóralæk and walk around Trollaskeid to Trolla Ridge and up to the Trollas, which are 30-40 m high rock formations. The same way back to the parking lot. The walking area is overgrown and somewhat marshy.
Necessary: ​​Wading shoes, very good to have walking sticks in this hiking country and good walking shoes are essential, preferably waterproof.
Distance in total about 20 km. Ascent of about 900 m.
Price: 5,000/6,500.
Included: Tour guide.
This tour is paid upon departure.

Saturday, September 7
Strandgata 23, Akureyri