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Green activities

Kjarnaskógur is one of the most popular outdoor area in Akureyri, around 800 hectares. In the forest you will find three playgrounds, a volleyball court, toilettes, barbecue facilities, and during the winter you can go cross-country skiing in the forest. In Kjarnaskógur there is also the first specially designed mountain bike track in the country.

Swimming pools are a big part of Icelandic culture and most Icelanders grow up with swimming as an integral part of daily life. Swimming pools in Iceland are heated with geothermal water and are a perfect place for relaxation after a long day. There are a couple of swimming pools in Akureyri. The biggest one is The Akureyri Swimming Pool and is also one of the most popular attractions in Akureyri. The swimming pool Glerárlaug is a great indoor pool, located in Höfðahlíð. In the outdoor area of the pool there are two geothermal hot tubs. There is also a Thermal Pool in Hrísey and Grímsey. For more about swimming pools in Akureyri please visit : https://www.visitakureyri.is/en/see-and-do/you-can-do-anything/swimming-in-thermal-pools.

The Botanical Garden is one of them most special areas in Akureyri. The Botanical Garden opened in 1912 and you can find almost every plant that lives in Iceland (around 450 species) in the garden and around 6.000 foreign species. The garden is open from 1. June to 30. September from 8.00- 22:00 during weekdays and from  9:00 – 22:00 during the weekends.

Birdwatching: There are many good places for bird watching in Akureyri and in the nearby area. The places are a total of 11 and today you can learn about them all in a bird watching brochure which was published in 2017. The brochure contains information about nature, birdlife and how to find the area in question with a description and a map, where you can see roads, steps and infrastructure. You can find a printed copy in English which is sold in the Tourist Information Center in Hof and in the house of Jörundar Harkar in Hrísey. Icelandic version: http://www.visitakureyri.is/static/files/2012-VISIT/pdf/fuglabo-769-k_isl.pdf

Further information: https://www.visitakureyri.is/en/see-and-do/you-can-do-anything/bird-watching.