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Akureyri Countryside

or in Icelandic "Eyjafjarðarsveit", is the area located inland from Akureyri with the northern border by the delta of the fjord Eyjafjörður.

This is a popular area to visit during a stay in Akureyri. Many interesting places to see and visit such as: Sverrir Hermannsson’s Sundry Collection, the great White Plague Centre, the Forest Lagoon, six charming churches (Grund, Saurbæjarkirkja, Hólakirkja, Möðruvallakirkja, Munkaþverákirkja and Kaupangskirkja), The Christmas Garden where Christmas is celebrated all year and new ornaments can be bought to bring back home.
Take a hike through small woodlands such as Grundareitur, Leyningshólar and/or Garðsárreitur or perhaps do a mountain hike by one of many mountains in the area or visit a remote valley.

Many places offer services in the area and local food or refreshments can be bought straight from farms in a couple of places. (See map below).

A great hiking/biking track connects Akureyri to Hrafnagil (the main village in the area), found on the valleys west side, about 9 km long.

Several circle-routes can be made within the valley. Just note that some of the roads are gravel roads and bridges are one lane bridges.
The biggest circle is about 100 km, but 2 other shorter can be choosen.

For those who would like to go all the way up on the highland, there is a jeep track (only open during summertime) up the valley to Laugarfell (Road nr F 821).